The Doctors:

Dr. Ken Ransonet

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Dr. Ken Ransonet grew up knowing that he was going to find a career in which he would be able to help people. As a child, he would go to the chiropractor with his mother, and noticed the pain relief and benefits she got from her visits. When Dr. Ransonet was a senior in high school, he spent some time shadowing chiropractic doctors in the area and decided that was the career path he wanted to follow. he graduated from La Sierra University with a bachelors in science in exercise Science/Pre-Medicine which gave him a great foundation for chiropractic school. Dr. Ransonet then went to the University of Western states in Portland, Oregon, and completed his degree as a doctor in Chiropractic medicine. Everyday, he is excited about helping patients live life to the fullest. Dr. Ransonet specializes in whole body approach, and treats each patient as an individual. His techniques are gentle and specific to the patient's exact needs. Dr.